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"Mundus Vult Decipi . . ."

What is "DeScope?"


The Short Answer

DeScope — A Cranky Journal of Themed Entertainment Design and Development is an occasional blog-esque site that provides a soapbox for it's editor — me — and members of the wider Themed Entertainment Design and Development community to whine, curse, reminise, theorize, and ponitificate about many of the aspects of themed entertainment design and development.

"Themed entertainment" in this setting covers a legion of sins: theme parks, museums, visitor centers, attractions, and anything we just happen to want to write about that has some small connection to the above areas of endevour.

The Pointlessly Long Answer

A specter is haunting Glendale.and Orlando and Anaheim and Burbank and Universal City and Tokyo and Paris and Moscow and Oklahoma City and West Mifflin, PA, and Cony Island and even the far-flung and genteel lands of Charlotte, North Carolina — the specter of good, solid, imaginative, worthwhile themed entertainment design. All the powers of the so-called bean-counting corporate world have entered into a wholly alliance to exorcise this specter: cowardly executive producers and disinterested vice-presidents, short-sighted marketing mavens and short-selling investors, tunnel-visioned HR drones and "I am a genius! Bend to my will and inflated budget and I'll make you seem as a 'player' to your corporate cronies" design charlatans. And so many, many more.

Where is the design mindset in opposition that has not been decried as "elitist" and "difficult" by its opponents in power? Where is the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of "it's worthwhile themed entertainment design!" and "'cuz it'd be fun, that's why!" and "well, damnit, you said you wanted 'edgy' so I gave you 'edgy'" against the more advanced nothing - to - gain - by - saying - yes opposition, as well as against their nothing - to - lose - by - saying - no flunkies?

Two things result from this fact:

I. Themed entertainment design is already acknowledged by all entertainment media to be itself an entertainment media.

II. It is high time that we who make what we laughingly call a living off of the themed racket should openly, in the face of the whole world and the dull chumps from marketing in over-priced suits, publish our views, our aims, out tendencies (at least those that aren't, you know, too "icky"), and meet this nursery tale of the specter of themed entertainment design with a manifesto of themed entertainment design itself!

To this end, we themed entertainment designers have assembled here in cyber-space and sketched the following manifesto, to be published in the HTML language of our cranky little publication.

The DeScope Manifesto
DeScope Magazine - A Cranky Journal of Themed Entertainment Design will provide the hard-working men and/or women of the themed entertainment design community with a cranky, satiric on-line magazine that will give them a reason to log on for a few minutes every now and again to defiantly blow a few minutes of the boss's and/or client's time.

DeScope Magazine will also provide them with a forum to express their rage, their concerns, their passions, their professional dreams, their indignities, their knowledge of obscure entertainment facts, their semi-knowledge of cutting edge rumors and innuendoes, their gripes, and their concerns about what is happening in this wild monkey in a wet suit, virtual-reality, interactive, roller coaster, dark ride, "eat-ertainment," guest-flow, six-shows-a-day, colossal "retail dollars per square foot," damn - the - budgets - 'cuz - it's - only - money - and - it - ain't - our - money, gangway for hi-jinx, "beats having a real job," world of meta-entertainment . . .

And, while we're at it, if we can help people out of the doldrums of the work-a-day world, all the better. Heck, if it wasn't for the outrageous and public expression of pent-up outrage combined with a sniggering mockery of those incompetent wankers around us in this curious business, not to mention the dissemination of helpful tips, folk-lore, obvious rumors, and blatant lies then why the heck would we be doing this stuff, anyway? And what other business do we know of that let's us watch TV, dig through ancient copies of The National Geographic, Life Magazine, and Tiger Beat, go to theme parks, ride thrill rides, rent old "B" movies, pontificate about things of which we have only the merest knowledge like the minutiae of the Civil War or the physics of automotive engines or mass entertainment psychology, and nearly always ends with our getting paid to do this? Besides, there is always the hope for lots of really yummy catering in this themed entertainment racket and where the free meals lead, the heart, mind, and spirit will follow!

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