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Drag-and-drop authentication for any app

Onboard your users like it’s 2023. Add passwordless authentication and user management to your app with a few lines of code. Choose from our drag-and-drop workflows, SDKs, or APIs.

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From scratch to magic in 10 minutes

See how easy it is to build authentication flows with Descope.

What are you building?


Consumer Application

Make login likable for your users.

  • Increase user adoption and conversion.

  • Stop credential stuffing and bot attacks on your login page.

  • Elevate your user experience with passkeys authentication.


Business Application

Get your app enterprise ready.

  • Implement SAML single sign-on in minutes.

  • Simplify tenant management and user provisioning.

  • Easily add roles and permissions to your app.

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Our authentication platform





Go with the user flow

Build user-facing screens and authentication flows in a visual no-code interface.

Magic link flow

    Drag-and-drop auth

    Create authentication logic for your app in a visual workflow.

    Screens your users will love

    Design user-facing authentication screens in a widget-based screen builder.

    Align with your brand

    Add your brand’s logo, colors, and several other design elements to make login screens your own.


Smart and secure user management

Manage identities across the user journey.


    Validate identities

    Keep user metadata current and updated by verifying user identifiers like email IDs and phone numbers.

    Self-serve provisioning

    Automate user provisioning and deprovisioning (SCIM) for your B2B app.

    Tenant management, simplified

    Easily add tenant management and per-tenant authorization to support enterprise customer needs.


Shut the door on cybercriminals

Prevent attackers from breaking authentication through session theft, credential stuffing, brute force, and other exploit methods.

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    Avoid password-based attacks

    Ditch passwords and free your app from the most common attack vector on the Internet.

    Stop bots and bad actors

    Identify bots and account takeover attempts based on device fingerprinting and several other factors.

    When in doubt, step-up

    Create step-up authentication flows to ensure your users are who they say they are.

We do auth. You do you.

Drag-and-drop authentication

Use our no-code editor to create user-facing screens and authentication flows for your app. Easily modify and update your flows from the Descope console as your user journey evolves.

Magic link flow

We support your favorite authentication methods

Magic link authentication

Magic links

Delight users with one-click signup and login over email or SMS.



Implement FIDO-based biometric authentication native to your users’ devices.


Social login

Enable users to log in with identity providers like Google, LinkedIn, GitHub, and others.


One-time passwords

Implement quick and easy login with one-time passwords over email and SMS.


Single sign-on

Simplify SAML and tenant configuration for your B2B application.

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Authenticator apps

Harden security by having users prove the possession of their devices.

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All your auth is secure with us

Security is serious business. Built by a team that has been on the security frontlines for decades, Descope is committed to exceeding industry standards in keeping your organization and user data safe and compliant.

What else?


Explore our learning center to dig into concepts around customer identity and user authentication.


Attend our hands-on "0 to Auth" workshops and learn how to add secure, frictionless authentication to your app.


Join AuthTown – a user community focused on how authentication done right can be an enabler for any app.

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