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We want to make customer identity an enabler for every business

Helping applications move past passwords is the first step.

Our long and winding road together

Descope’s founders have over 30 years of enterprise security experience, most of it working together. We have created companies valued at over $1B and grown product line revenues at Palo Alto Networks and McAfee by 100s of millions. 

Building and scaling Demisto into a SOAR leader was fun. So was joining Palo Alto Networks and taking Cortex XSOAR from scratch to hypergrowth.

You know what wasn’t fun? Building customer authentication in-house at each of our previous companies. It always started as a sprint and ended in an unwanted marathon.

Descope is a letter of recognition and apology to our past selves. And while our past selves can’t use Descope, we think every other developer on the planet should. 


Founded Sentrigo


Acquired by McAfee


Founded Demisto


Acquired by Palo Alto Networks


Founded Descope


Announced $53M seed funding


Building it byte by byte!

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Founding team

All of us are engineers. Yes, even the CRO.

Slavik Headshot Website

Slavik Markovich

First password:


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Rishi Headshot Website

Rishi Bhargava

First password:


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Dan Headshot Website

Dan Sarel

First password:


Guy Headshot Website

Guy Rinat

First password:


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Aviad Headshot Website

Aviad Lichtenstadt

First password:


Doron Sharon Headshot Website

Doron Sharon

First password:


Meir Headshot Website

Meir Wahnon

First password:


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Gilad Shriki Headshot Website

Gilad Shriki

First password:


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Our investors

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Our advisors

George Kurtz headshot

George Kurtz

CEO, CrowdStrike

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Assaf Rappaport headshot

Assaf Rappaport

Co-Founder & CEO, Wiz

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John W Thompson headshot

John Thompson

Lead Director, Microsoft

Bipul Sinha headshot

Bipul Sinha

CEO, Rubrik

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Nir Polak headshot

Nir Polak

Co-Founder, Exabeam

Eyal Manor headshot

Eyal Manor

Ex-VP, Google Cloud

Amiram Shachar headshot

Amiram Shachar

Founder & CEO, Upwind

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Ashish Aggarwal headshot

Ashish Aggarwal

Founder & CTO, Productiv

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Navin Chaddha headshot

Navin Chaddha

MD, Mayfield Fund

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Ronni Zehavi headshot

Ronni Zehavi

Co-Founder & CEO, Hibob

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Jyoti Bansal headshot

Jyoti Bansal

CEO, Harness

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Nicole Perlroth headshot

Nicole Perlroth

Author & CISA Advisor

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Our guiding principles

Build in public icon

Build in public

We don’t like black boxes and ivory towers. Both internally as a team and with our users, we are transparent with what we do well and where we can do better. When we know something, you will know soon after.

Ship fast and slow icon

Ship fast and slow

We bring services to market with speed but without taking shortcuts. Our goal is always to embrace simple solutions when possible, while also taking a long term view on aspects like security, scalability, and resilience.

Every maker matters icon

Every maker matters

We believe that every developer and app are slightly different. Whether you’re a no-code lover, SDK stan, or API aficionado – our aim is to meet you where you are rather than asking you to adapt to our services.

Embrace the espresso icon

Embrace the espresso

Our mission is ambitious and we intend to have fun along the way to achieving it. At Descope, you can expect to meet high-energy folks that are stimulated by solving big problems. We also really like coffee.

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Meet some Descopers

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You look like a Descoper too

If you want to help make login likable on the Internet, we’d love to have you on our team!