Identity Federation

Unify customer identities across all your apps

  • Improve UX with a consistent, secure login experience across all customer-facing apps.

  • Onboard partners and customers onto your apps without increased IT work.

  • Create custom user journeys based on your app and user attributes.

What is federated authentication?

Siloed customer identities cause onboarding friction, lost revenue, and operational overhead. Identity federation enables your customers and partners to log in across applications securely without re-authentication. Identity federation can be enabled using the OIDC and SAML protocols for both custom apps and off-the-shelf apps.

Identity federation with Descope

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SSO without the struggle

Easily implement single sign-on (both IdP and SP initiated), self-provisioning, and fine-grained authorization using drag-and-drop workflows.

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Custom user journeys

Pick different authentication methods, create custom screens, and add bespoke security controls based on the nature of each application.

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Standard identity protocols

Leverage extensive support for standard protocols such OIDC and SAML, ensuring interoperability with your current identity systems.

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Self-service user admin

Empower your customers to set up their own SAML configuration. Easily embed user, role, and access key management widgets in your app.

Log in from anywhere to anywhere

Use Descope as an Identity Federation Broker to connect SAML / OIDC applications and IdPs in any order. Gain a 360-degree view of your non-workforce identities.

Our service is for every app developer

No code, some code, or a whole lotta code – Descope meets you where you are by offering different integration options.

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Descope Flows

“I want to go live with Descope in the fastest and easiest way possible.”

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Descope SDKs

“I’ll build the authentication screens and flows, but may need help with session management.”

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Descope REST API

“I’ll handle all frontend flows and logic on my own.”

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All your auth is secure with us

Security is serious business. Built by a team that has been on the security frontlines for decades, Descope is committed to exceeding industry standards in keeping your organization and user data safe and compliant.

We support your favorite authentication methods

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Ready for liftoff?

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