Multi-factor authentication

Drag-and-drop MFA for your app

Add secure, user-friendly MFA to your app without any custom coding. Prevent fraud and account takeover by identifying risky user signals and enabling step-up authentication.

Why MFA?

Adding multi-factor authentication to your app can block over 99.9% of account compromise attacks according to Microsoft. Learn the basics of MFA and why it should be a foundational element of every app’s security posture.

MFA in a snap with Descope

Choice and flexibility

Flexible auth methods

Choose from a range of authentication methods – both passwordless and passwords – to select the best combination for your needs.

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No / low code user journeys

Create, test, and deploy your MFA flow using a visual workflow designer. Easily audit and change auth flows with time.

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When in doubt, step up

Introduce the right friction at the right time with step-up authentication based on user signals, device fingerprinting, and several other factors.

Our service is for every app developer

No code, some code, or a whole lotta code – Descope meets you where you are by offering different integration options.

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Descope Flows

“I want to go live with Descope in the fastest and easiest way possible.”

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Descope SDKs

“I’ll build the authentication screens and flows, but may need help with session management.”

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Descope REST API

“I’ll handle all frontend flows and logic on my own.”

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More MFA resources

Phishing-resistant MFA

Learn how to build strong MFA that proactively builds in protection against social engineering attacks.

MFA bypass attacks

Be aware of how attacks can circumvent secure login by using MFA bypass techniques.

Step-up authentication

In step-up auth, users must provide additional identity evidence before accessing certain app functions.

MFA fatigue

Attackers can exploit the friction inherent in MFA to tire out users and compromise their accounts.

TOTP authentication

Time-based one-time passwords are a common second authentication factor. Learn how TOTP works.

Authenticator apps

Authenticator apps use the TOTP protocol to add an additional layer of security for app logins. Learn the basics of authenticator apps.

Explore other authentication methods

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