Multi-factor authentication

Drag-and-drop MFA provider

Add secure, user-friendly MFA to your app without any custom coding. Descope’s MFA solution does all the heavy lifting for you, protecting your services against cyber threats.

Descope’s customer MFA solution

Choice and flexibility

Flexible risk-based MFA

Trigger MFA based on risk factors (new device, geolocation, impossible travel, third-party connectors, etc.) without adding undue friction for regular logins.

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Visual user journeys

Our drag-and-drop workflow designer lets you easily create, test, deploy, audit, and change your MFA flows.

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When in doubt, step up

Enhance security with timely step-up authentication, using user behavior and device characteristics to trigger necessary checks.

Customer MFA service built for your needs

No code, some code, or a whole lotta code – Descope meets you where you are by offering different integration options.

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Deploy MFA on your app in the fastest and easiest way possible with Descope’s drag-and-drop editor.

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Build your own authentication screens and flows and let the Descope SDKs help you with session management.

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Handle all your frontend MFA flows and logic by using Descope’s easy-to-navigate REST APIs.

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Explore other authentication methods

Frequently asked questions

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