Descope vs Auth0

Go from Auth “0 to n” with Descope

  • Create and customize entire user journeys with no-code workflows.

  • Leverage strong multi-tenancy and SAML self-service for your B2B app.

  • Provide a native, frictionless experience to end users.

  • Transparent pricing and stellar support for orgs of all sizes.

Trusted by hundreds of customers and thousands of developers

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Why customers choose Descope over Auth0

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Frictionless end user experience

Onboard users directly from your app without any redirects that increase friction and drop-offs.

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Not limited to just auth

Easily build and modify entire user journeys with workflows – from authentication and authorization to MFA and federation.

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Multi-tenant by design

Delight your enterprise customers with tenant-aware user models, fine-grained access control, SCIM, and self-serve SAML provisioning.

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Meant for devs and IT teams

Choose from no-code workflows, SDKs, and APIs to integrate Descope into your project. Broker SAML / OIDC connections between any combination of clients and IdPs.

A detailed comparison

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Auth0 by Okta

Descope is multi-tenant by design and can support advanced B2B enterprise requirements. Tenants can easily be created and managed from the console or Management SDK.

Auth0 was not designed with B2B orgs in mind and offers basic tenancy support. Supporting multiple customers requires higher tiers and lots of custom coding.

“This is the fastest implementation of RBAC in a product I’ve ever seen.” - Co-Founder and CEO

SAML provisioning
SAML provisioning

Descope’s SAML self-service flows allow your customers to easily set up their app with their own IdPs.

Configuring SAML self-service requires wrapping Auth0 with lots of custom logic that’s a challenge to implement and maintain.

"Every B2B SaaS app needs to think about SAML and access control from Day 1. Descope helps us offer these capabilities to our customers with minimal engineering effort." - Co-Founder

User journeys
User journeys

No-code workflows to create and customize flows such as user invites, step-up auth, user merging, and identity orchestration.

Lots of custom coding required to create desired user journey logic. Resources needed to maintain in-house.

The Descope Flows feature is exceptional and super intuitive! While we try to enhance customer experience, our own experience with Descope has been delightful.” - Co-Founder

  • Strong support for both SAML and OIDC SSO. 

  • Use federation to unify identities across all customer-facing apps.

  • Create custom onboarding journeys for each app.

  • Rigid and time-consuming SSO configuration.

  • Cross-app SSO limited to Professional and Enterprise plans.

  • Hard-coded user journeys (unless you invest a lot of custom code into it).

  • Add fine-grained and tenant-aware authorization (RBAC and ReBAC) capabilities to your app. 

  • Utilize custom JWT claims to define access controls for your app.

  • Assign user roles and permissions based on workflow conditions.

  • Hard-coded authorization capabilities: no workflow-like flexibility to assign user roles. 

  • Custom claims must be added via an API.

SCIM provisioning
SCIM provisioning
  • Automated or on-demand user provisioning and deprovisioning.  

  • Integrations with major IAM systems ensure synchronization of user data across systems.

  • SCIM support available only on higher plans. 

  • Proper integration with enterprise IAM systems requires many additional configurations and custom coding.

Risk-based MFA
Risk-based MFA

With Flows and connectors, you can easily create branching user paths based on risk scores ingested from 3rd-party fraud services like reCAPTCHA.

Risk-based MFA only available on the Enterprise plan. Weak or absent customizability with external fraud service connections. Code-heavy approach for implementation and upkeep.


Workflow-based approach that makes it easier to modify user journeys without redeploying the app.

Updating user journeys often needs time-consuming code and configuration changes.

“Descope provided easy-to-use, secure, and stable authentication for our membership app.” - Product Consultant

Painless migration

Looking to move from Auth0? Meet with our team for custom migration support to switch over without impacting your customers.