Passwordless Authentication

Drag & drop passwordless authentication for your app

  • Improve UX and security with strong passwordless authentication.

  • Choose from passkeys, magic links, social logins, OTPs, and more.

  • Save implementation time and effort with no-code workflows.

Passwordless authentication 101

Passwordless authentication is the collective name given to methods of verifying a user’s identity that do not use passwords. By validating user identities based on “who they are” and “what they have”, passwordless authentication helps apps get to market faster, onboard and delight more users, and stop credential-based attacks.

Passwordless authentication with Descope

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Pick a method, any method

Pick the passwordless method that’s best for your project. Strong support for passkeys / biometrics, social logins, OTP, authenticator apps, magic links, and enchanted links.

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Progressive enrollment

Promote passwordless adoption for returning users for a phase-based rollout approach. Securely merge user identities across auth methods.

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Passwordless MFA

Adopt passkeys (one-step MFA) or chain together your choice of passwordless methods for phishing-resistant MFA.

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Our workflow-based approach means you can easily add and modify passwordless methods as your business grows.

Pick your chosen passwordless method

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More passwordless resources

Passwordless benefits

Learn how going passwordless can reduce costs, improve UX and security, and aid compliance.

Magic link use cases

See the different ways you can leverage the power of magic links in your business.

Passkeys vs passwords

Discover how passkeys are an improvement over passwords in every respect.

5 popular biometric methods

Study the specifics of fingerprint authentication, face scans, and other forms of biometrics.

What is FIDO authentication?

Learn how the FIDO2 standard helps apps go passwordless on both desktop and mobile environments.

WebAuthn 101

Dive into the details of the web authentication API and see how it enables apps to go passwordless.

We play well with others

Enrich and secure your user journeys with third-party connectors. Go passwordless without changing your primary IdP using OIDC federated authentication.

Our service is for every app developer

No code, some code, or a whole lotta code – Descope meets you where you are by offering different integration options.

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Descope Flows

“I want to go live with Descope in the fastest and easiest way possible.”

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Descope SDKs

“I’ll build the authentication screens and flows, but may need help with session management.”

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Descope REST API

“I’ll handle all frontend flows and logic on my own.”

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