One-Time Passwords (OTP)

Seamless OTP authentication for your app

Create simple and familiar login experiences with one-time passwords over email or SMS. Use OTP as your primary auth factor or in an MFA flow.

What is an OTP?

A one-time password (or passcode) is a dynamically generated set of numbers or letters meant to grant users one-time access to an application. Unlike passwords, OTP codes change every time a user tries to log in, reducing the likelihood of account takeover.

How OTP authentication helps your app

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A familiar face

One-time passwords are a well-known flow to most users and do not involve new cognitive load.

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Safer than passwords

Since OTP codes are meant for one-time use, they are resistant to credential stuffing and replay attacks.

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One factor, two factor

OTP authentication can easily fit into step-up or multi-factor authentication flows.

Implement one-time passwords your way

Drag-and-drop OTP authentication

Use our no-code editor to create user-facing screens and OTP authentication flows for your app. Easily modify and update your flows from the Descope console as your user journey evolves.

OTP Flow

Explore other authentication methods

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