Biometrics / WebAuthn

Onboard users with a swipe of their finger

Replace passwords with possession and biometric authentication native to your users’ devices. WebAuthn is interoperable, unphishable, and supported on over 90% of global user devices.

Why biometrics?

Authentication based on the FIDO2 and WebAuthn standards is a secure and low-friction way for your users to log in. Based on public-key cryptography, WebAuthn replaces shared secrets (like passwords) for stronger factors like possession and biometric authentication.

How FIDO authentication helps your app

Low friction login

Low-friction login

Elevate your app’s user experience by logging users in with their facial ID or fingerprints.


Phishing impossible

FIDO key pairs only work with the intended application, nipping any credential phishing attempts in the bud.


Private by default

With FIDO authentication, users’ biometrics never leave their device and they cannot be tracked across sites.

Implement WebAuthn your way

Drag-and-drop biometric authentication

Use our no-code editor to create user-facing screens and biometric authentication flows for your app. Easily modify and update your flows from the Descope console as your user journey evolves.

Biometrics Flow

Explore other authentication methods

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