Drag-and-drop password authentication for your app

Replace passwords with a more secure, convenient, and scalable authentication method. Easily add passkey authentication to your app with our no-code workflows and SDKs.

The basics of password-based authentication

Password-based authentication is a method that requires the user to enter their credentials — username and password — in order to confirm their identity. Passwords are a common auth method but have inherent security and usability shortcomings as well. Be informed of the full passwords picture with our learning center article below.

Password authentication with Descope

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Strong passwords

Easily create and modify strong password policies. Tune the policy to align with the nature of your app and its users.

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Reset flows

Hand off the heavy lifting of password reset flows. Customize the delivery method, connector, and message contents.

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MFA in a snap

Augment password-based authentication with a stronger second factor. Add MFA to your app in a visual workflow designer.

Implement password authentication your way

Drag-and-drop password authentication

Use our no-code editor to create user-facing screens and password authentication flows for your app. Easily modify and update your flows from the Descope console as your user journey evolves.

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Explore other authentication methods

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