Descope Support and Service Level Agreement

The following customer support channels, availability and support apply to eligible Descope customers, if explicitly indicated in their respective agreements.

If not expressly defined in this Service Level Agreement (“SLA”), capitalized terms used herein shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in a corresponding order form, the Descope Service Online Terms and Conditions of Use available at: or a Master Services Agreement in which this SLA is referenced (“Agreement”).

1. General

Descope support personnel will be available to answer questions and otherwise assist in troubleshooting problems that may occur in the day-to-day use of the Service.

2. Support Services

Descope provides Customer with the following support services:

  • Assisting with all queries regarding the operation and maintenance of the Service.

  • Diagnosing incidents in accordance with the relevant service levels.

  • Uptime availability commitment, as specified below.

3. Support Channels and Training Materials

The following Descope support channels are available 24/7 for responding to Critical and High severity issues (described below):

  • Online support: A support icon within the Control Console allows opening tickets or looking for answers in the knowledge base.

  • Support email: Descope support team is available via email at:

  • Training materials are available at:

  • Status page: Service availability is constantly measured and reported at: Where an incident occurs, Descope will provide real-time updates on the status page.

4. Incident Response Time - Service Levels Priority

Incident” means any incorrect functioning of the Service which results in the failure of the Service to operate as intended. Descope shall define the severity classification of the incident reported and respond to incidents according to the response time set forth in the table below, provided that Incidents which impact the Customer’s ability to use the Control Console, without impacting end-users’ signup and login through the Service, shall not be regarded as Critical or High incidents.



Response Time

Support Availability


Service Unavailability (as defined below).

<1 hour



Major functionality is impacted, or the Service performance is significantly degraded, where the incident is persistent and affects many Users or major functionality. No reasonable workaround is available.

<4 hours



Service performance issue or a material bug affecting some Users or some functionality. A reasonable workaround is available.

<24 hours



User “how to” queries and a bug or other technical issue affecting some of the Users, where a reasonable workaround is available.

<72 hours


Service Unavailability” means that the Service has stopped or severely impacted in a manner that prevents the use of theCustomer Services, but excluding the exclusions set forth in section 6.

Response Time” means the period between the time when the Incident was reported in full, and the time when an acknowledgment e-mail or phone call was made by Descope’s support team.

For Critical Incidents, Descope personnel shall work on resolution 24/7 until issue is resolved, and, in parallel, Descope shall send Customer a status report or publish updates on its status page website, through the Service, via a phone call, or any other method designated for such purpose, every 120 minutes.

Descope must be able to reproduce the reported Incidents to resolve them. Customer shall cooperate and work closely with Descope’s team to reproduce the Incident, including conducting diagnostic or troubleshooting activities as requested. In addition, subject to Customer's approval on a case-by-case basis, Customer Users may be asked to approve Descope team’s access to their Accounts, computers, network, and/or their access to the Control Console, for troubleshooting purposes.

5. Service Uptime – Availability Service Level

Descope will provide the support services in a manner that meets or exceeds the service levels described herein.

The Service shall be available no less than 99.99% of the time twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week, including holidays, measured on a monthly basis.

6. Exclusions to Service Unavailability

The following causes for unavailability of the Service shall not be considered Service Unavailability:

  • Force Majeure: where the Service was unavailable due to an Incident which was not within the control of Descope including unavailability caused by acts of God, acts of government, insurrection, war, riot, explosion, nuclear incident, fire, flood, earthquake, or other catastrophic event beyond the reasonable control of Descope.

  • Planned Maintenance: if the Control Console was unavailable due to planned maintenance, provided that Descope provides the Customer at least three (3) days’ advance notice (via email or in the Control Console) that the Control Console shall be unavailable due to maintenance and/or upgrading.

  • Third-Party/Customer: where the Service was unavailable due to (a) unavailability of telecommunications network or internet services due to general unavailability of such telecommunication networks or internet services(b) general failure of a sub-processor, including, without limitation, any hosting provider, communication provider or log-in services provider; (c) Customer’s or Users’ software, network or hardware ; (d) abuses or other behaviours that violate the Agreement; or (h) Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and/or other unlawful activity.

  • Data Communication Blockage or Service Suspension: where the Descope suspends the Service or blocks data communications due to breach of use restrictions in accordance with the Agreement and Descope’s policies.

7. Service Level Credits

For each full calendar month period during the term of the Agreement in which the Service was available for less than 99.99% (such respective month the “Affected Month”), Descope will credit Customer a prorated portion of the monthly Fee attributable to such Affected Month (the “Affected Month Fee”) calculated based on the actual availability of the Service during such Affected Month.

Example: if during a respective Affected Month, the Service Availability was 98.9%, then the Customer will be entitled to a credit equal to: [1-(98.9%/99.99%)]*Affected Month Fee.

Service Unavailability shall begin to accrue as soon as Descope identifies that downtime is taking place, and continues until the availability of the Service is restored in all material respects.

To be eligible to receive credit, Customer mustnotify Descope in writing (including by means of electronic mail)within 48 hours from the end of the Service Unavailability of its request to receive credit. Failure to provide such request will forfeit the right to receive credit.

Descope will apply credits only against Customer’s payments otherwise due from Customer under the Agreement. If the amount of credit to which the Customer is entitled, exceeds the payment due by Customer in a certain month, the remaining credit will be deducted from consecutive payments until credited in full, provided that Customer will not be entitled to any cash refund and any outstanding credit will be relinquished if no further payments are due.

Notwithstanding anything elsewhere to the contrary, the award of credits, as indicated herein and Descope’s actions in accordance with Section ‎4 above, shall be Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy available to Customer for: (1) any failure by Descope to meet its obligations under this SLA; and (2) any Incident or error of the Service.

8. Changes to This SLA

Descope may modify this SLA, provided the level of service will not materially decrease during the applicable Agreement term.