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Eric Weinman Headshot Descope

Eric Weinman

DevRel Engineer

Eric Weinman is part of the DevRel Engineering team at Descope. He is a recent Computer Engineering, Political Science, and Economics graduate from the University at Buffalo who is passionate about computer / software security and the relationship of technology and society. He enjoys generally working across various fields and domains to produce the best result.

Before Descope, Eric was an Intern at Palo Alto Networks as a Cloud and AI Security Cortex / XSOAR Customer Success Engineering and Automation Software Engineer. He worked on building internal tools to help the team accelerate tasks and increase stability of other tools. Other past projects include development of a low cost remote stethoscope for telemedicine, working on low level software reverse engineering, designing a simple microprocessor, running a "homelab" running services and servers, and developing a cell nanoinjection platform for a biotech startup.

When he's not busy working, Eric enjoys reading, watching TV and movies, cooking, and playing chess and board games with friends.

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