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Descope Launches AuthentiBlood for Strong, Almost-Painless Authentication

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Descope was founded exactly one year ago today. In the spirit of celebrating how far we have come in the past 12 months, we are introducing a product that will send the blood coursing through your veins. You will need it.

There will be (some) blood

Today, we are announcing the launch of AuthentiBlood, a passwordless and almost-painless user identification solution with built-in fraud prevention and bot mitigation capabilities. You can pre-order AuthentiBlood here.

Developed together with our partners at Vam-Pir Labs, AuthentiBlood offers app developers the first-ever blood-based authentication process. The service includes a state-of-the-art biometric reader that can extract a single drop of blood from the user’s fingertips and process its DNA to identify the user.

By using blood-based authentication, app developers can completely eliminate bot attacks due to the irrefutable reality of bots not having blood. This reduces the risk of fraud, enabling e-commerce and financial services applications to operate in a secure environment. It also reduces the number of inactive and casual users by ensuring that only users that are willing to part with a drop of blood can use the app.

“We are delighted to partner with Descope and bring AuthentiBlood to market,” said Dr. Drake Yula, CEO of Vam-Pir Labs. “As a company that has been around for thousands of years, Vam-Pir Labs is always searching for pioneers to do business with. Descope and Vam-Pir Labs are also proud to observe a Follow-the-Sun model for customer support, since our company is not open during the day.”

“The collaboration with Vam-Pir Labs has been very enriching for both parties,” said Gilad Shriki, Co-Founder of Descope. “They get a steady supply of blood from authenticating users that they need for B&B, er, sorry, R&D. And we get a strong authentication method to share with app developers that’s still less painful than passwords.” 

Red-hot reception

AuthentiBlood has been tested by several early adopters in our community and beyond. Here’s some early customer feedback:

“When I forget my passwords, I often punch the table in frustration and injure myself badly. With AuthentiBlood, just one drop of blood logs me in every time. It’s a much better solution!” – Ben White.

“AuthentiBlood is a game changer for workforce authentication. Having our employees literally bleed for the company every morning ensures that they will give it their all. It does add to the banana and glucose drink budget a bit, though.” – CEO, Hustle Inc.

“I can’t lie, this is a kick in the teeth for us. We need to rethink all automation-based credential stuffing attacks and divert our resources towards creating blood farms.” – Anonymous cybercriminal.

“Oh, so now this idea is getting rave reviews? How about giving some credit to the progenitor here?” – Elizabeth Holmes.

The bleeding edge of innovation

To use AuthentiBlood, customers must use the latest model of our hardware tokens, where a stainless-steel needle is extended toward the fingertip as part of the authentication process. The token can be branded by the app developer or used as our generic Descope AuthentiBlood brand. Pre-order yours now!

For us, this release marks a new era of authentication where MFA is boosted by the strongest authentication factor yet. In addition to “What I know”, “What I have”, and “What I am”, AuthentiBlood lets users authenticate using “What is in me” as a factor.

Authentication is in our blood, so the Descope R&D team will continue to innovate in the search for even stronger authentication factors. Stay tuned for more news on BOmetric, where your body odor can finally be used to let you into apps rather than to kick you out of rooms.