Descope Launches Startup Program For Frictionless, Secure Authentication

Program Provides Authentication and User Management Free of Charge for One Year

LOS ALTOS, California – April 12, 2023 –Descope, the drag-and-drop authentication platform for developers, today announced its Hello World Startup Plan through which eligible startups can use Descope’s Pro Tier free of charge for one year. Startups that are less than three years from their inception and have up to $1M in annual recurring revenue / total bookings are eligible. Interested startups can apply here.

Building authentication in-house is a complex, time-consuming, and ongoing initiative that distracts developers from core app-building efforts. Even adding well-known functionalities like single sign-on (SSO) can take accomplished engineering teams months of effort. On the other hand, taking shortcuts while building authentication in-house can lead to serious security and brand ramifications down the road. Descope greatly simplifies the process of building authentication – while also making it frictionless and secure – to ensure startup teams can focus on their product and business goals.

Descope helps developers add authentication, user management, and authorization capabilities to their apps with a few lines of code. Descope’s drag-and-drop workflows, SDKs, and APIs abstract away the complexity of authentication so that apps can get to market faster and safer than before. 

Built by security experts, Descope also stops bot attacks on login pages, prevents account takeover fraud, and enables apps to easily add MFA and step-up controls. Startups on the Hello World Plan can use Descope’s security-first, SOC 2 Type 2 compliant platform instead of investing in additional security and fraud prevention controls at the early stages of their journey. 

“Our team has built multiple startups, and we realize what a big engineering lift authentication can be,” said Slavik Markovich, Co-Founder and CEO of Descope. “With Hello World, startups can quickly go live with their chosen authentication methods without poring over multiple protocols, worrying about authentication-related vulnerabilities, or affecting their near-term budget. In general, we have designed Descope’s pricing to be very startup-friendly without any step jumps or hidden costs. Our aim is to grow as our customers grow.”

Startup Plan Details

By applying to Hello World, startups can:

  • Support unlimited users and tenants.

  • Add a variety of passwordless authentication methods (magic links, passkeys / biometrics, social logins, SAML SSO, OTP, and authenticator apps).

  • Enhance user protection with bot mitigation, device fingerprinting, and other security capabilities.

  • Add comprehensive role-based access control, tenant management, and user provisioning to their B2B app. 

“Finding product-market fit is the Holy Grail for early-stage startups,” said Deepak Jeevankumar, Managing Director at Dell Technologies Capital. “By using Descope’s easy to use and flexible authentication solution, startups can simplify user onboarding, improve conversions, and save developer time – expediting their journey to PMF and scale.”

“Using Descope has sped up our product development,” said Alok Shukla, Co-Founder and CEO of FunnelStory, a Revenue Intelligence startup in stealth. “Their intuitive product, clear documentation, and responsive support have helped us add authentication and user management to our application seamlessly. User and tenant management for B2B apps can get complicated quickly, but Descope has made these initiatives relatively trivial. This is the fastest implementation of RBAC in a product I’ve ever seen.”


About Descope

Descope helps every developer build secure, frictionless authentication and user journeys for any application. Our no-code workflow builder, SDKs, and APIs enable developers to easily add passwordless authentication, user management, and authorization capabilities to their apps. Designed by security experts, Descope also protects against account takeover fraud and session theft by identifying risky user signals to enact step-up authentication. Founded in 2022, Descope is backed by Lightspeed and GGV Capital, and is a member of the FIDO Alliance.

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