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Reuven Descope headshot

Reuven Zabirov

DevRel Engineer

Based In Tel Aviv Israel, Reuven started his career as a cybersecurity analyst. He was all about detecting cyber security threats and using the power of SIEM products to automate investigation processes and save as much time for his team. He went out to become a customer success engineer in Palo Alto Networks, to expand the love he has for technology and people. To help others implement the best cybersecurity practices and to help automate it.

His passion did not end there, as he also loved coding, so he was also a backend developer for a startup company and learned how to create and operate a new product from the ground up.

His love for customers and the boost he got for understanding how much the authentication field is important both for cybersecurity and for the customers' journey has led him to become a developer relations engineer in Descope.

Other than that, he loves video games and has a pet Chihuahua called Mylo.

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