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Descope Launches Ghos-TP for Secure, Spirit-Driven Authentication

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Descope was founded exactly two years ago today. In the spirit of celebrating how far we have come, we are introducing a product that’s so innovative, it’s almost as if it came from another world. Maybe because it did.

These ghosts don’t need busting  

Today, we are announcing Ghos-TP, a passwordless and spirit-driven user authentication experience with built-in account takeover and bot prevention capabilities. See Ghos-TP in action for yourself

Developed together with our partners at SoulMates Inc., Ghos-TP helps app developers add the first-ever ghost-based authentication process to their apps. The service randomly matches every user with a member of the spirit world who has thought of a 6-digit code. The user must think of the same code to successfully authenticate.

How Ghos-TP works
Fig: How Ghos-TP works

By using spirit-based authentication, organizations can eliminate a variety of credential-based threats. Bot attacks? Gone, because bots can’t operate Ouija boards and “botnet-scale” means nothing to an ethereal specter. Password spraying? Stop spraying and start praying because this 6-digit spirit-generated code is meant for one person and one person only. An exorcism and a cleansing ritual? Actually that might work. Don’t do that if you want to use Ghos-TP.

The best part? Ghos-TP is completely free since ghosts have already rid themselves of all material desires and don’t care about dollars, dirhams, or any other denomination. 

“We were turning in our graves with excitement when the chance to partner with Descope came along,” said Dr. Cass Parr, CEO of SoulMates Inc. “We pride ourselves on delivering a consistent and reliable SaaS (spirit-as-a-service) platform, and our real-time spirit-to-user matching architecture can handle any scale of traffic. The paperwork was a bit tricky since our company’s legal entity is in Elysium, but we got it over the line.”

“We are delighted to partner with SoulMates and bring the power of Ghos-TP authentication to developers everywhere,” said Gilad Shriki, Co-Founder of Descope. “They get to save on OTP costs, add layers of unphishable protection, and improve UX (user excitement) at the same time. Boo to all other auth methods! Has this blog seriously not made a boo reference yet?” 

Spook-tacular feedback

Ghos-TP has been tested by several early adopters in our community and beyond. Here’s some early customer and industry feedback:

“I often feel like I’m talking to ghosts from my past when I try to recollect the passwords I forgot. It’s much cooler talking to a real ghost and not having to remember anything!” – Declan Rice, end user

“Ghos-TP’s use of a truly decentralized and peer-to-peer architecture is a landmark moment in the identity world, making it impossible for cybercriminals to get in. The attack surface literally doesn’t exist – wave your hand and it will go right through. ” – VP Analyst, Séance Research

“Ghosts should be unpredictable and mystical, not a stand-in for an authentication protocol. If everyone can easily speak with spirits, who’s going to come to me so I can tell them a ghost told me they’ll meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger?” – Local psychic.

Looking beyond the veil 

On the back of AuthentiBlood last year, we are proud to further push the envelope in customer authentication with Ghos-TP. You can experience Ghos-TP authentication here.

There are now five authentication factors to choose from in Descope:

Authentication is always on our mind, so the Descope R&D team will continue to innovate in the search for even stronger and more seamless authentication factors. Stay tuned for more news on HoHoTP, where we partner with Santa to deliver OTP codes to you once per year, but only if you have been good.