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SMS & Voice OTP Authentication With Twilio Verify & Descope

Twilio Verify Connector Spotlight Thumbnail

Protecting against data breaches is crucial for businesses. However, with over two-thirds of Americans using and reusing the same password, and over half of those passwords being weak, the risk of breaches is higher than ever. While passwords can be cracked or stolen, compromising a phone is significantly harder. With 6.7 billion people owning a smartphone, using it for verification is an effective approach to help solve this problem. 

Implementing SMS or voice verification in-house can be confusing, slow, and complex due to changing carrier and government compliances, SMS fraud, and multilingual support needs. Users have become accustomed to these verification methods over the last few years and expect a seamless experience.

Descope’s connector with Twilio Verify helps organizations add compliant, multilingual SMS and voice OTP verification to their authentication and user journey flows. Organizations using the connectors can prevent SMS pumping fraud and implement fast and easy OTP across different form factors for a seamless, secure user experience.

About Twilio Verify

Twilio Verify is a scalable service that offers fast, affordable, and seamless verification through channels such as SMS, voice, and more. Organizations can benefit from personalized SMS messages and a ready-to-use OTP delivery solution that handles connectivity, channels, and fraud monitoring needs.

The Twilio Verify API uses Twilio’s globally distributed infrastructure which handles 4.8B+ verifications each year.

Connector overview

The Descope connector with Twilio Verify helps customers:

  • Easily add SMS and voice OTP authentication to their user journey.

  • Translate the voice or SMS OTP message automatically based on the user’s phone number.

  • Block fraudulent SMS attempts from occurring using the Fraud Guard service.

  • Track successful OTP verification using performance and trend statistics through Twilio Verify.

  • Orchestrate user journeys in a no-code workflow, combining Twilio Verify actions with data and actions from a range of tools such as Segment and reCAPTCHA, along with built-in Descope capabilities like device fingerprinting and risk identification. 

You can learn more by visiting our documentation on the Twilio Verify connector.

Use case: SMS OTP authentication

SMS authentication is a widely adopted method for two-factor authentication due to its simplicity and broad user familiarity. By integrating Descope and Twilio Verify SMS OTP, developers can add dependable SMS-based verification into their applications. This method helps users quickly confirm their identities, leveraging the global reach and reliability of Twilio's SMS network to provide a consistent and user-friendly authentication experience.

The Descope Flow below creates a user journey that relies on SMS OTP as the main authentication method.

Twilio Verify SMS flow
Fig: Descope Flow using SMS OTP with the Twilio Verify API

The image below shows the user-facing screens for the SMS OTP flow.

Twilio Verify SMS OTP end user screens
Fig: SMS OTP end user experience

Use case: Voice OTP authentication

Voice OTP provides an alternative authentication method for users who may face issues with SMS, including accessibility concerns. By integrating Twilio Verify Voice OTP with Descope, developers can enhance their applications with localized voice-based verification. This method not only ensures secure authentication but also caters to different user preferences, creating a more inclusive and user-friendly experience.

The Descope Flow below creates a user journey that uses voice OTP as the main verification method. When users opt for voice OTP, they receive a call that provides them with a one-time password. The message is localized based on the geolocation of the user’s phone number.

Voice OTP flow Twilio Verify
Fig: Voice OTP flow

The image below shows the verification screens for the voice OTP flow.

Twilio Verify voice OTP end user screens
Fig: Voice OTP end user experience


Descope’s Twilio Verify connector combines Twilio's extensive SMS network, localization features, and Fraud Guard with the drag-and-drop authentication and user journeys of Descope. This integration helps developers easily add secure, reliable, and user-friendly SMS and voice OTP verification to their login flows, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

Interested to learn more about the connector? Check out our docs. If you haven’t yet started your Descope journey, sign up for a Free Forever account and set up your own Twilio Verify connector. To explore other connectors, visit our integrations page.