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Kevin Gao headshot

Kevin Gao

Developer Relations Engineer

Kevin is a DevRel engineer that has been working for the last few years as a software engineer, but has always been fascinated by how customers use and interact with the products and tools he works on.

Before Descope, Kevin was a Lead Software Engineer at, overseeing the development of the React Native mobile application and 3rd-party integrations. He worked on key authentication components for partner integrations, as well as the mobile application. Before that, Kevin was a data engineer, who worked on a variety of projects involving pipelines to aggregate Twilio and Salesforce data for revenue forecasting. Working in direct contact with many customers, he obtained many other skills related to product management, design, and marketing.

When he's not speaking to customers or coding through sprints, you'll find Kevin either on the road driving fast up a twisty mountain road, reading historical fiction books, or looking for a new place in the world to travel to and explore.

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