B2B Applications

User management for enterprise-ready apps

  • Configure SAML integrations with drag-and-drop workflows.

  • Add tenant management and role-based access control capabilities to your app.

  • Automate self-serve provisioning and deprovisioning of users.

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From scratch to magic in 10 minutes

Using a sample B2B SaaS app, the video below shows how you can use Descope Flows to add authentication and user management in minutes.

How we help

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Accelerate time to market

Speed up your sprints by letting us handle authentication, user management, and session management.

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Stay secure as you grow

Easily embed multi-factor authentication (MFA) and step-up controls to your existing authentication flows.

Choice and flexibility

Delight your enterprise customers

Add automated user provisioning, SAML SSO, and per-tenant authorization to your app.

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Our authentication platform





Go with the user flow

Build user-facing screens and authentication flows in a no-code interface.

SAML Config

    Drag-and-drop auth

    Create authentication logic for your app in a visual workflow.

    Screens your users will love

    Design user-facing authentication screens in a widget-based screen builder.

    Align with your brand

    Add your brand’s logo, colors, and several other design elements to make login screens your own.


Smart and secure user management

Manage identities across the user journey.


    Validate identities

    Keep product and marketing data clean by verifying user identifiers like email IDs and phone numbers.

    Self-serve user onboarding

    Simplify your SCIM integrations with automated user provisioning and deprovisioning.

    Granular access control

    Exceed enterprise customer needs with tenant management and per-tenant authorization.


Shut the door on cybercriminals

Prevent attackers from breaking authentication through session theft, credential stuffing, brute force, and other exploit methods.

Risk based auth flow

    Avoid password-based attacks

    Ditch passwords and free your app from the most common attack vector on the Internet.

    MFA in a snap

    Add multi-factor authentication to new or existing apps. Choose from a range of passwordless authentication methods.

    When in doubt, step-up

    Create step-up authentication flows to ensure your users are who they say they are.

Our service is for every app developer

No code, some code, or a whole lotta code – Descope meets you where you are by offering different integration options.

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Descope Flows

“I want to go live with Descope in the fastest and easiest way possible.”

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Descope SDKs

“I’ll build the authentication screens and flows, but may need help with session management.”

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Descope REST API

“I’ll handle all frontend flows and logic on my own.”

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We support your favorite frameworks

What else?


Explore our learning center to dig into concepts around customer identity and user authentication.


If you can spare five minutes and enjoy word games, you will have fun playing Passwordle.


Join AuthTown – a user community focused on how authentication done right can be an enabler for any app.

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Ready for liftoff?

If you’ve seen all you need to see, sign up and get started with Descope. If you'd like a demo, meet with our auth experts.