B2B Applications

Identity management for enterprise-ready apps

  • Configure SAML and OIDC SSO flows with a no-code visual editor.

  • Add fine-grained authorization (RBAC and ReBAC) to your app.

  • Automate self-serve SCIM provisioning and deprovisioning of users.

  • Add risk-based MFA and step-up authentication to secure user journeys.

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From scratch to magic in 10 minutes

Using a sample B2B SaaS app, the video below shows how you can use Descope Flows to add authentication and identity management in minutes.

B2B enterprise readiness with Descope

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SSO without the struggle

Easily implement single sign-on (both IdP and SP initiated), self-provisioning, and fine-grained authorization using drag-and-drop workflows.

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MFA in a snap

Secure your app with user-friendly and phishing-resistant MFA using strong factors like passkeys and FIDO authentication.

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Standard identity protocols

Leverage extensive support for standard protocols such OIDC and SAML, ensuring interoperability with your current identity systems.

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Identity orchestration

Weave data and actions from third-party connectors for a variety of use cases including localization, fraud prevention, and identity verification.

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Our no-code CIAM platform





Go with the user flow

Use a visual workflow interface to create and customize user journeys including signup, login, MFA, and step-up.

SAML Config

    Frontend and backend

    Govern both the frontend experience and backend logic from one workflow.

    Self-serve SAML configuration

    Enable your customers to set up their own SAML integrations and IdPs.

    Align with your brand

    Add your brand’s logo, colors, and several other design elements to make user-facing screens your own.


Flexible and secure user management

Manage identities across the user journey.


    Fine-grained authorization

    Add tenant-aware RBAC and ReBAC capabilities to your app.

    Self-serve user onboarding

    Simplify your SCIM integrations with automated user provisioning and deprovisioning.

    Identity federation

    Unify customer identities across off-the-shelf, custom, and internal applications with SAML and / or OIDC.

    Extensible and secure user models

    Enrich user data with new attributes and custom JWT claims. Securely merge identities across auth methods.


Shut the door on cybercriminals

Stop account takeover, bot attacks, and other attempts at breaking authentication.

Risk based auth flow

    Avoid password-based attacks

    Eliminate brute force and credential stuffing attacks with strong passwordless authentication.

    Identify risky user signals

    Leverage device fingerprinting and third-party fraud connectors to accurately separate real users from bad actors.

    When in doubt, step-up

    Create step-up authentication and risk-based MFA flows to ensure your users are always who they say they are.

We play well with others

Enrich and secure your user journeys with third-party connectors. Go passwordless without changing your primary IdP using OIDC federated authentication.

Our service is for every app developer

No code, some code, or a whole lotta code – Descope meets you where you are by offering different integration options.

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Descope Flows

“I want to go live with Descope in the fastest and easiest way possible.”

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Descope SDKs

“I’ll build the authentication screens and flows, but may need help with session management.”

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Descope REST API

“I’ll handle all frontend flows and logic on my own.”

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We support your favorite authentication methods

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Ready for liftoff?

If you’ve seen all you need to see, sign up and get started with Descope. If you'd like a demo, meet with our auth experts.